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How To Play

The goal of this game is to build the pyramid and earn funds!

Steps to play:
  • Just click the "Fund brick" button

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How To Earn

  • Fund the brick (or better bricks), and it's descendants to the 5th generation (inclusive) will generate your income.
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  • Copy your referral link and
    share it wherever you want.
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Description is the place, where mini-games are available to play for bitcoins and where You can win the bitcoins! Yes, it's some sort of lottery.

But here You can earn money even if your luck is away for a while! For this You just need to share your affiliate link (available if You are registered) and all gamers, who comes through your link - will generate Your BTC income! It's simple, and what is simple - is reliable! Just try!

Games Principles

Maximum fun and enjoyment!

Quick money if win!

Allow You to catch the luck!


Using any part of this site for any illegal activities is not allowed! If such violations will be detected - account will be blocked and no funds will be returned!

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User Reviews

Johny20, 2017-05-27
Ahh! Cool! While driking coffee, I've reached 4th level in Chests game and take my win! Yeah! It's 0.002352 bitcoin from 0.0001! ))) Yep, it's not huge, but it's good sign to me and sets me to do my stuff now! ;) Cool!
CptClapton, 2017-06-10
Easy in! x3!!! Easy out! Perfect!
julius88, 2017-06-11
haven't try withdraws yet, but games i like
harryfitra, 2017-10-09

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