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The Pyramid Game Rules

The goal of the game - is to build the pyramid and earn funds!

To do this you need to fund brick (or better bricks). Each funded brick adds to pyramid, and it grows. Bricks adds to pyramid from top to bottom and from left to right in row order. Each brick funded by You will have bronze color. Each of its descendants to the 5th generation (inclusive) will generate your income (descendant bricks will have bronze color too, but more dark). Income sum depends on generation of descendant. Further - is less income, of course, but its descendants count is greater than nearest. Nearest descendants for each brick are 3 bottom bricks. Each added brick can crash the pyramid, and chance of this crash is displayed on game screen. If pyramid crashes - current game stops and new game starts! If game stops when your income has not grown yet - you loose. But there is only 2 descendants needed to return the sum that you'd funded. And all next descendants will generate your income! Good luck!